Prime Deal of The Day 2016 Professional 10 Pcs Soft Oval Makeup Brush Sets Foundation Brushes Cream Contour Powder Blush Concealer Cosmetic Brush Liquid Cream Makeup Cosmetics Tool Set For Face Eyes
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FDA TEST APPROVED -Fashion toothbrush design,high quality synthetic hair which provides superb ability to hold powder, soft and pleasing for your skin;. The Brush hair is made of high quality synthetic fiber hair which is super soft and comfortable for the skin;. Super soft thick hair,it is comfortable for your skin,also fit for sensitive skin, it can protect and beauty your skin well.. Compatible with any type of foundation,BB Cream,powder,blush,etc.. Going from largest to smallest, brushes 1-3 can be used for foundations, 3-5 for contouring the forehead and cheekbones, 5-10 for concealer, 5 & 10 for eyeshadow, 6-8 for sculpting eyebrows, and 8 & 9 for lips. These brushes are rather universal in that they cover all needs in terms of application.

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